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     I adore, own, show and breed beautiful AKC Shih Tzu.  Bogey and Joni will be the stars of 2009.  Bogey has almost completed his Championship, needing just a few singles.  I am dedicated to showing my dogs to meet the Shih Tzu standard and will be gearing all my efforts towards this goal.  My dogs can also be seen and are available for Commercial Advertisements. You can may have seen them in Ads for Walmart, Kohl's and others.  JoiMi Shih Tzu are stars!

     Located in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area, I enjoy breeding from time to time, I  breed to improve the standard, with good conformation: health, personality, structure & beauty.  The primary purpose for my breeding program is to be able to produce dogs to show as my hobby.  Occasionally I may have companion shih Tzu puppies or adults available to responsible pet homes. I do 'baby-sit' for fellow Shih Tzu owners or other small dog owners, so if you live close by, email me. 

     Thanks to those who came before me and those who are mentoring and helping me learn this great hobby of mine, you know who you are :).  I hope that one day too I can be an inspiration to future generations of Shih Tzu exhibitors, especially my children who are also enjoy and attend shows with me  as well as help take care of the dogs.


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