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Did you ever know that you're my hero?
You're everything I wish I could be
I could fly higher than an eagle
For you are the wind beneath my wings




 January 2008

     My name is Michele Holop, I have been an animal lover since I was a child.  I wanted to grow up and be either a veterinarian or a marine biologist (neither of those worked out-(I became a software engineer..go figure).  My father bred & raised beagles mostly for hunting purposes as he was a bass fisherman and duck hunter.  On our block growing up, we were those special neighbors that if there was a stray cat or dog, everyone knew you could just place him or her on our doorstep and know we would somehow take care of them.  With a soft-spot in our hearts, my volunteering in animal shelters as a child I was sure to grow up to always to stay connected to our four-legged friends.  I am also a photographer and love taking photos of animals, children and anything else my lens can find.


     After watching a Westminster Dog Show in 2001, I fell head over heels in love with Shih Tzu and knew I wanted to have one for myself.  They seem to float on air with their flowing hair behind them, how can anyone not love these beautiful dogs.  In 2002, I got my first little pet Shih Tzu named Pixie Dust.  I tried to keep her coat long, made all kinds of mistakes and learned the hard way what not to do.  Three frustrating years later, I finally met some nice people who showed me the way and helped me get my first show girl, Tissue.  I am still learning and meeting all kinds of new people and being inspired by new stories that keep me motivated. 


      I have 2 beautiful children Emily and Eliot who love and help take care of our little dolls.  Emily is interested in showing and is right by my side at shows doing what it takes and cheering us on.  Eliot is sure to follow his big sisters footsteps as he is my number one fan. I have great support from my friends and family and appreciate them cheering me on. 


     My sister Joyce or as she preferred to be be called: Joi and I were very close.  As close as 2 sisters can ever be.  We both shared our love of dogs and cats.  She loved Cavalier King Charles and rescued one with severe problems and cared for it with love and affection.  Unfortunately, my sister passed away (at 39) in 2003 , leaving behind her two, young,  beautiful children Rachel (10) and Jesse (5) who I luckily get to see very often. Tom, my sisters husband, and his kids are always there by my side.  I thank you for all the things, big and small that you guys do!!!  Joi, who was my biggest support system throughout my life, would be right by my side right now if she were still here. (probably trying to convince me to show cavaliers 


     I decided to call my  Shih Tzu (kennel) name Joi-Mi in remembrance and dedication to my sister.  It is her name, followed by the first 2 letters of my name.  This will keep us always bonded together with whatever I do with Shih Tzu and I will feel her hand guiding me along as she has always been

The Wind Beneath My Wings!