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JoiMi adoptive families and my first Shih Tzu, Pixie Dust, Tinkerbell & BoBear.
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Pix, Tink, and BoBear


 Pixie Dust

Pixie is my first pet Shih Tzu and I LOVE her with ALL my heart.  Without her, I would never have gone on this

wonderful journey. She is not a show dog, but she is my best buddy sitting next to me when I am reading and watching TV. 

She follows me everywhere I go around the house and has the sweetest disposition on earth giving kisses to everyone who asks. Pixie is spayed and now living with Claudia and their wonderful family.

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JoiMi Adoptive Families

Thank you to all of our happy wonderful companion JoiMi families . 

We love hearing form you and getting updates on all of our JoiMi kids.